Building a new generation of gallery takes time.

You have to start from the ground up.

There’s no way around it, the art world is changing. Big galleries are getting bigger and small independents are disappearing. So why would we open a gallery now?

We believe it’s time for a new generation of gallery. One that is focused on helping artists, collectors and the community navigate the rapidly changing art scene.

Studio Cufflink isn’t just a gallery, it’s an extension of our living room where we’ll share drinks, lively discussion and our passion for art with the community. Our goal isn’t just to sell art (although we’ll be happy to do that too!), but to educate, inform and excite you to the point where you want to participate. In support of these goals we’ll be providing three distinct programs:

Raw, experimental and focused on providing new and unsigned talent a place to be showcased.

Bringing “affordable art with an edge” to Fort Worth from across the country and around the world.

Providing personalized art consultation and design services to individuals and businesses alike.


We’d love to help you take your passion for art to the next level. Sign up here to stay informed of our progress and upcoming events.