Photo courtesy of William Greiner

STUDIO CUFFLINK, established in 2020 by Doug Gault and Joey Luong, is a contemporary art establishment providing a platform for emerging and established artists to shift human thinking and comprehension through the innovative means of visualization.

The gallery specializes in the sale of both primary and secondary market artworks, with a focus on contemporary artists from the 20th and 21st century. We are dedicated to finding and presenting artists from across the country and around the world. The program is broken down into three main segments:


A few times a year the gallery dedicates space to pure exploration. We work with trusted members of the art community to identify raw talent that deserves an opportunity to be seen. These shows are intentionally less curated and more experimental in nature.


The gallery’s main program focuses on bringing you art that moves, excites and sometimes unnerves. We work hard to identify artists that will present a unique point of view and challenge the status quo, bringing more edge to the Fort Worth art scene.


No single gallery can serve everyone’s tastes or needs. But using our background in design and connections with galleries and private collectors, we can help you locate that special piece, or rehome artwork that no longer fits your collection’s focus.

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